White Water Rafting in Whistler, BC

Are you finding it tough to choose an energetic and exciting activity to do on your next holiday? Do you want an adventure that’s perfect for groups, singles, or families? 

Worry no more! If you are residing in British Columbia, then White Water River rafting in Whistler will be a great choice. It is a fantastic activity you should choose for your upcoming hot summer holiday.  It’s a 5-star adventure featuring powerful rapids that all experience levels will love.

Here in this post I will be discussing about how river rafting could be a great sport for you and why should you choose Whistler village in BC for this escapade. 


Why Go White Water River Rafting?

Rafting is simply a high-adrenaline sport of touring on the river in an inflatable raft. It may involve several level of difficulty if the river is choppy and water flow is fast. 

The whitewater rafting adventure is more than a river tour. It’s an expedition that gives you a chance to discover the planet’s finest wilderness places. In this rafting adventure, the river serves as a channel to move through the land, allowing you to hike, tour, study and savor the fantastic look of places around. 

Additionally, the presence of rapids, the unstoppable water and the trill you experience while reaching your destination point provides you a great adventure experience. It’s a premium and expedition-style adventure to include in your trip-list because of the stunning vistas, exhilarating rapids, mind-blowing hikes, and breathtaking scenery. 


Why You Should Go River Rafting in Whistler, BC

whistler overlook from mountain-top

DarkLoki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whistler is famous for skiing and snowboarding in winter and was the host mountain resort for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In summer, the glacier melts through the mountains resulting in a vigorously flowing river perfect for rafting adventures. 

Whistler is a top-rated tourist destination because of its stunning whitewater rides.  From breathtaking adrenaline rides to fun family trips, Whistle whitewater rafting has something worth trying for you.

Don’t hesitate to get yourself a little wet! Read on this enlightening guide to learn more and get excited about this wet, wild, and expedition-style adventure!

Fun For Everyone

Whistler whitewater rafting should be your top priority if you’re after a fun activity for all family members. It’s an expedition-style adventure that accommodates children of even six years on the Cheakamus tour.

For the older children who are at least ten years old, you can take them to the Green River. Finally, for the real daredevils’ children, you can choose the ultimate adventure day and take them to the Elaho-Squamish River. However, ensure these children are at least 12 years old. 

A Worthy Exercise

Most individuals don’t receive enough exercise, and the best way to exercise is to make exercising an enjoyable activity. Therefore, taking part in Whistle whitewater is the right step to take if you want to see yourself physically fit. 

When whitewater rafting, you’ll paddle hard in some cases to ensure the raft follows the right direction down. Also, when whitewater rafting, you’ll move hard in some cases to ensure you don’t get into contact with an obstacle. 

Moreover, while in the raft, you’ll always try to keep yourself to the center position and balanced. All these activities end up making you look physically fit. 

High Adrenaline rush 

Whistler whitewater rafting features several things that each participant will love. Adrenaline pumping action falls under the category of these things. 

Your adrenaline will flow and feel truly alive as you paddle through Whistler’s wild waters. Also, you’ll experience this as you go toe-to-toe in opposition to the elements and get bucked in the air.

Remember, stagnation means death, while motion means life. Therefore, keep moving!  

A Perfect Option for Cooling Off

Let Whistler whitewater rafting be your top priority if you need a perfect option for cooling off. Mostly, Whistler experiences high temperatures in the summer heights ranging between 17 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. However, it’s not common to find days with temperature readings of 30 degrees Celsius. 

Getting yourself splashed by the ice-cold rapid remains the perfect option to cool off from the summer’s scorching sun. The village features glacial-fed rivers that are numbingly cold, contributing to the exhilarating rapids as you paddle at high speeds through the water. 

The Outdoors

Besides exercising, getting outside is another thing that many people don’t exhaust. However, you’re likely to thoroughly enjoy this if you take part in Whistler whitewater rafting. 

By participating in this activity, your soul will remain at ease as you cool off in the wild waters and the fantastic smell teases your nostrils. 

Time with Family 

In this busy life and age, you’re likely to lack enough time to spend and interact with your family members. However, this cannot be a challenge if you add whitewater rafting to your priority list. 

It’s hard to forget the fantastic moments you participate in whitewater rafting especially in Whistler with your family members. You’ll always remember the experiences you encountered while whitewater rafting with your family members in Vancouver. 

Witness the Beauty of British Columbia

British Columbia whitewater rafting falls under the category of the perfect ways you can consume the incredible beauty that the British Columbia Coast Mountains offer.

You’ll feel linked with BC’s nature as you enjoy this activity and the fantastic mountain views. You’ll appreciate BC’s pristine environment as you paddle at high speeds through the wild waters. 

The Spectacular Wildlife

Whistler whitewater rafting also allows you to view various wildlife from your raft that will surprise you. This activity will enable you to view a significant percentage of life forms living in the water as you paddle through the wild waters. 

With the view of splendid mountains, you can enjoy glimpses of Canadian wildlife. Whistler’s natural environment is the home for many different wildlife species such as bear, marmots, squirrels, beavers, pika, and more. You can hear the whistle of marmots (large ground squirrels) all around the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. 

If you are lucky enough, then you may witness the black Bears wandering over mountains and tracks in search of berries. 

It is recommended to keep your eyes open while rafting as you may get chance to see amazing bird species including Stellar’s jay, Grouse, Whiskey jack, and more. Whereas while paddling through river, you can watch various aquatic species including salmon, protected western horned toads, and rainbow trout.

Amazing Flora 

While rafting through whitewater, you can witness the widespread flora of Whistler. The region around the river encompass many varieties of trees including cedar, evergreen, pine, hemlock and more. The alluvial soil of the village is rich in black material and nutrients resulting in densely populated forest all around the river. 

In summer you can check the huge variety of alpine and subalpine wildflowers all over the mountains and river tracks. 

Participating in the Whistler whitewater rafting is a pivotal step to take if you love plants. You stand in a better position to view several plant lives as you cruise down the wild waters. This activity comes in between the pure wonderment moments and exciting moments over the landscape’s beauty. 


What is the Best White Water Rafting Tour in Whistler?

white water rafting

You need to choose one of the three Whistler whitewater rafting tours. These include the Elaho-Squamish River Tour, Green River Tour, or Cheakamus River Tour

These tours differ depending on the river’s rapid class. Here’s what each level entail: 


Class I

Absolute beginners should enroll in this level because it features few obstructions and small waves. 

Class II

This class is an excellent option for novices because it has comprehensive and transparent channels and involves occasional maneuvering. The experienced paddles who participate in this level can avoid rocks and many other obstructions. 

Class III

This class features irregular and medium waves, which you’ll find a hard time avoiding on most occasions. You should perform complex maneuvers at this level and control the raft correctly through the passages. You’re also likely to encounter powerful eddies, primarily on the rivers featuring large volumes. 

Class IV

This class features intense and powerful rapids that you can still predict. Here, control the raft precisely when paddling through turbulent waters. A significant percentage of rapids under this class feature unavoidable, large waves and holes. Also, this class features narrow passages that need fast movements under pressure. 

Class V

Participate in this class only if you’re an expert because it has long-sized, obstructed, and violent rapids. Also, you’re likely to come across steep chutes, large waves, and giant holes, which you’ll find hard to avoid. Ensure you’re physically fit before attempting this class because of these exceptionally long rapids. 

If you plan to participate in Whistler whitewater rafting with kids, ensure you note the children’s weights and minimum ages before choosing the river to tour. Whistler strictly enforces these requirements strictly, and it’s likely to change them, depending on whether you’re choosing a low or high river. 


Best Wedge River Rafting in Whistler

Your visit to BC is likely to be incomplete if you don’t experience wedge rafting’s spills and thrills. Whistler features rivers for each ability that wind their way through breathtaking scenery.

Wedge River rafting in Whistler caters to all individuals up from Class IV rapids to family floats. Therefore, while in Whistle, you can expect to get your heart pounding while risking an early bath. 


1. Green River Rafting Whistler

Green River Rafting Whistler remains to be wedge rafting’s whitewater adventure that attracts a significant percentage of people. Therefore, visiting the Green River is a pivotal step that you can take without considering if you’re a professional rafter or novice on the rapids. 

river under covered bridge

If you’re a novice on the rapids, you can paddle through a still lake. However, don’t remain comfortable because of this tranquil, calm lake because you’ll face the treacherous waves. This river features the class two to three rapids that you’re likely to face as you paddle through the water. 




2. Cheakamus River Rafting Whistle

Let the Cheakamus River be your option if you plan to participate in whitewater rafting with young kids. Choose this river if you have children who weigh 50 pounds with a minimum age of six years. 

Cheakamus river rafting is a family-friendly whitewater rafting that involves more floating. However, the lack of large waves does not mean Cheakamus River rafting is a boring experience.

Most people prefer Cheakamus River rafting because of its incredibly spectacular wildlife and picturesque scenery.

Also, be ready to view thousands of salmon. 


3. Elaho-Squamish River Rafting Whistler

Are you after an ultimate adrenaline rush and excellent whitewater rafting experience? If yes, then choosing Elaho-Squamish River Rafting should be your option. 

Elaho-Squamish River rafting Whistler offers an expedition-style adventure that a faint-hearted person will not like.  Here, you’ll face class three to four waves as you paddle through the water. 


What to Expect Rafting in Whistler

Whistler whitewater rafting is a thrilling activity for older people and young. From paddling through rapids and creating new friends to enjoying incredible views and spending time with loved ones and friends in the outdoors – Whistler whitewater rafting is an expedition-style adventure that any person will love. 

But, what can you expect to meet during your Whistler whitewater rafting experience? Worry no more! Expect to encounter the following during your Whistler whitewater rafting: 

Professional Guides

You can have a safe and enjoy your Whistler whitewater rafting tour if you choose a tour company with the necessary licenses, knowledge, and skills. 

While evaluating a Whistler whitewater rafting Tour Company, ensure that the guides possess several years of experience and are fully trained in First Aid, swift water rescue methods, CPR, and a bit of EMT training. 

With skilled Whistler whitewater rafting tour guides, you stand in a better position of enjoying excellent whitewater rafting. Also, with these guides, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip. 

Complete Safety Orientation

You can participate in Whistler whitewater rafting for the first time without an in-depth safety orientation. Before you enter the wild, cold waters, your tour guide must present an in-depth safety orientation. 

Be ready to receive instructions on the right way to hold the paddle, the correct sitting position, and how you can listen to the tour guide. 

Reputable Whistler whitewater rafting tour guides understand the Whistler Rivers clearly. They can guide on the safest spots and the ones to avoid. Also, reputable Whistler whitewater rafting tour guides will advise you on how to respond in case of an emergency. 

group of people white water rafting

Be Ready To Receive Your Gear

Whistler whitewater rafting tour company will provide you with the camping gear and rafting you need. They will give you a helmet, a life jacket, and a dry bag for holding your supplies. 

Research to know the gear and supplies to carry to avoid overpacking or carrying unnecessary items that you’ll end up losing or get wet. 

Adrenaline Rush 

Whistler whitewater rafting may not expose you to fear similar to the one you experience when bungee jumping or jumping out of an aircraft. However, get ready to have your heart pounding because of the bubbly rapids. 

Ensure you choose a Whistler whitewater rafting tour that matches your level. You can achieve this by comparing the various classes we discussed above. 

However, with a professional Whistler whitewater rafting tour guide, expect to enjoy an expedition-style adventure while knowing you’re in safe hands. 

Breathtaking Views

The rafting trip also exposes you to the Whistler’s outdoor beauty from fresh perspectives. The Whistler whitewater rafting trip is an excellent chance to enjoy mountain views, salmons, and more. 

Remember to carry binoculars so that you can enjoy better views during the calm moments. Carry a waterproof video camera so that you can show off this memorable experience to your colleagues back at home. 

Good Food

A significant percentage of Whistler whitewater rafting trips will provide you with meals and drinks along the way. Also, you can carry a few snacks. 

New Friendships

Whistler whitewater rafting attracts people from all parts of the world. Therefore, you can set aside some time to interact with your fellow rafting adventures. 

Be Ready To Get Wet… Obviously

point-of-view white water rafting

Getting wet should be almost obvious, but never expect to remain dry. Be ready to experience getting drenched or even splashed by rapids. Also, keep in mind that falling out is not bad. 

Sunburn chances are high on sunny days, even in the cases where you get wet. Therefore, carry some sunscreen and remember to apply it throughout the day. Remember to lather up your neck’s backside and face because these are also vital areas. 

Note that you cannot paddle through the wild waters for the entire Whistler whitewater rafting adventure. Set aside some peaceful moments and enjoy Whistler’s spectacular views. 

Enjoy swimming in the clear waters, and interact with your colleagues or family members. Also, enjoy the vegetation and wildlife views. 

We hope you’re ready for a Whistler whitewater rafting trip. Hesitate no more! Plan your Whistler whitewater rafting trip today and be prepared for a memorable experience.