The Best Guide for Whistler Trail Maps 2023

Planning your next getaway to Whistler, BC?

As you may already know, Whistler Blackcomb is consistently ranked as the number one ski resort in North America. It’s home to over 200 trails and 8,171 acres of varied terrain and while it’s truly remarkable and a beautiful place to explore, it can be daunting to decide which trails you’d like to take. We’ve simplified the process and broken it down with the best Whistler trail maps you’ll get your hands on! Let’s get into it. 


First, a Bit About Whistler

About a 2-hour drive from downtown Vancouver, it stands at an impressive 2,214 feet in elevation, with the alpine receiving an annual average of nearly 40 feet of snow. With so much snow and spectacular conditions year-round, it’s no wonder people flock from all around the world and throughout Canada to experience the magic of Whistler Blackcomb. 

But what makes it so unique?

Well for starters, it’s now a part of the Epic Season Pass that offers unlimited skiing or snowboarding at ten resorts in the USA and Canada! It also has an incredible season starting in November and ending in May, which is great for those who want to get as much time as they can out on the mountains.


Whistler Trail Maps

whistler blackcomb trail map


With so many trails to discover during your time in Whistler, where should you begin?! There are numerous maps online but sometimes that can only make things more confusing. Here are some of the best maps:


Whistler Trails by skill level:

The map you’ll find on Whistler’s website shows the different runs by skill level but with so many colors and labels, it can make it challenging to make sense of anything! If you’re after a simplified version of this map, you can find it here

It’s designed as an interactive map so you can scroll through and find runs that work with your skill level. When you browse overtop of the run it will show the name and if you click on the route it will show more information such as where the run starts and ends and anything you may want to look out for when you’re heading down the mountain. 


Pony Trail:

Starting off with a Green (beginner) run, we’ve got Pony Trail. This trail is 3.3km long and perfect for those who are just stepping into skis or a snowboard for the first time. It’s the oldest trail in Whistler and was constructed back in 1965. It’s fairly flat and weaves down from Garbanzo Express to mid-station. It’s one of the most popular trails so keep in mind that it can get busy! 

Find the interactive map here


Hugh’s Heaven:

Hugh’s Heaven is a Blue (intermediate) trail that’s 1.7km in length. If you think you’re ready to put the beginner runs behind you, Hugh’s Heaven is a must! The views are absolutely breathtaking and it’s located right off of 7th Heaven Chair. It’s often regarded as one of the most beautiful runs at Whistler Blackcomb so don’t forget to head that way when you’re on the mountain. 

Find the interactive map here


Dave Murray Downhill:

When you think you can handle some of the steeper slopes, you need to check out Dave Murrary Downhill! It’s a Black (advanced) run that’s 3.4km long and has been referred to as the second-best run in the world by CNN. It’s also popular because it’s a ski only trail that can be used in both directions! 

Find the interactive map here


Spanky’s Ladder & Gemstone Bowls:

Only extremely advanced skiers or snowboarders will want to try out these magnificent trails! Spanky’s Ladder is a Double Black (expert) run that isn’t groomed. It’s where you can find some of the highest quality terrains at Whistler. On a powder day, you can see the entrance from Glacier Express and it’s closed on stormy days when an avalanche is of concern. 

What’s great about Spanky’s Ladder is that it provides access to the Gemstone Bowls that are nothing short of spectacular. Take a quick hike up and you’ll find chutes, bowls, cliffs, drops, and more! 

Find the interactive map here


You’re Ready to Explore Whistler!

With your Whistler trail maps in hand, you’re ready to go off on your own and enjoy Whistler for yourself! With no shortage of trails that are perfect for skiing or snowboarding, you’re sure to have an incredible time in the mountains.