ATV Tours at Whistler, BC

Do you want to explore hidden valleys, climb the tops of mountains, and blast through muddy terrain parks? If your answer is yes, then why not embark on an ATV tour to Whistler, British Columbia? This will be nothing short of a thrilling ATV riding experience! 

Whistler has some of the most unique and beautiful views that British Columbia has to offer. This town, meant for safe and exciting ATV riding, provides access to muddy terrains, forested land, and incredible peaks. It is the best place for both beginner and experienced explorers alike. Riders can enjoy serene views while traversing through the Callaghan Valley and Blackcomb Mountain.

Before you rush to plan an ATV tour through Whistler, you might need some help determining the best places to ride or where to grab a rental. Do you know how much an ATV rental costs? 

No need to worry! This post will answer all the questions you have to create a wonderful ATV riding experience in Whistler. Keep on reading!

Where can I ride an ATV in Whistler? 

There are so many incredible ATV trails located in Whistler. Check out these top 3 places for the best ATV experience: 

Callaghan Valley

Located on the outskirts of Whistler, Callaghan Valley offers stunning views with trails that are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. It also contains Whistler’s longest single-track ATV trail.

Its naturally rugged terrain will excite you as you pass the old growth forest and the Northair historical gold mine site. Experience the beauty of Whistler’s backcountry chocked full of pristine lakes, narrow bridges, and forested trails. 

Brandywine Valley

In Brandywine Valley, you can venture off-road on an ATV to explore the forest roads, bush trails, and dirt tracks. There are several lookout points to take advantage of here – keep an eye out for wildlife including deer, eagles, and bears! 

Brandywine Valley has some of the highest reviews for ATVing for its fun, bumpy trails, and the ability to ride during the rain! These trails are so fun and safe, people often come back to snowmobile. 

You can get to Brandywine Valley by taking Highway 99 and turning towards Callaghan Valley Road. 

Rutherford Creek

Safe for even the most novice of ATV riders, Rutherford Creek might just be the rugged wilderness experience you have been looking for. With multiple opportunities for group riding, Rutherford Creek is the perfect location for families to have some trail fun together! 

You can take Highway 99 to get to Rutherford Creek as it is near the village of Pemberton, located 10 km to the southwest. 

What are the best ATV rentals in Whistler?

Now that you know where to ride ATVs in Whistler, it’s time to look at all the fun options there are to take out on the trail. Here are the top ATV rentals available: 

Honda Rancher 420 ATV

The Honda Rancher 420 is said to be one of the most consistent and dependable ATVs on the market at this time. Novice and experienced riders alike have stated that the Honda Rancher 420 is comfortable, powerful, and reliable enough to enjoy for hours at a time. Many people have welcomed the low seating with full floorboards for ultimate stability. 

Why ride this ATV?

  • It can ride comfortably through any rough terrain.
  • Power steering, auto-shift transmission, and an independent suspension make it nimble for any level of riding experience. 
  • It contains generous water-resistant storage to house your pack, snacks, and anything else you might need for your tour. 
  • The compact size of this ATV allows riders into even the tightest, most secluded trails.

Can-Am Outlander 450 2-Seater ATV

The Can-Am Outlander has some of the best reviews for being comfortable and lightweight enough to offer some of the smoothest rides an ATV can offer! Even in the dirt, this ATV feels luxurious and will usher new riders into a more comfortable off-roading experience, regardless of the trail.  

Why ride this ATV?

  • It is suitable for riding the muddiest of trails.
  • Handholds and footwells for the passenger make it a comfortable riding experience for two.
  • Luxurious extras like larger wheels, tires, and tougher seat will give riders extra confidence on the trails. 
  • Power steering and auto-shift transmission are included for the ultimate riding experience. 

What are the best Whistler ATV tours? 

An ATV riding tour is the perfect outdoor adventure to do with friends and family. The beauty of Whistler being one of the top ATV tour destinations is that there are several trails to choose from! No matter which one you choose, you and your group will benefit from witnessing some of the most unique, peaceful, and beautiful views in British Columbia.

With an ATV, you will gain access to forested trails, gorgeous mountain peaks, hidden lakes, and a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. How could you pass that up? There’s no need. Keep reading below to get a sense of the best Whistler ATV tours. You are one step closer to embarking on one of the most beautiful, exciting outdoor adventures! 

Blackcomb Mountain Tour

The Blackcomb Mountain Tour is Whistler’s most popular tour available. If you’re wondering why, it’s because this tour boasts breath-taking, once-in-a-lifetime views of Whistler Valley and the snow-capped peaks of the Coast Mountain Range. This tour is great for anyone who is looking to get a mix of exploring, sightseeing, and adventure all at once.

Riders also have the option to test their skills in the single-track terrain park whilst ascending into the Blackcomb’s beautiful alpine. Noteworthy experiences cite the ability to pick up the trail quickly as a beginner, the historical perspective of trails, and the opportunity to snap great photos as a 5-star, unforgettable experience.

Why go on this tour?  

  • If you’re only in Whistler for a short period of time, this is the best, all-encompassing tour available. 
  • A wide network of trails is available for ATV riders of various levels to test their skills.

Callaghan Valley Tour

If you are looking to spot wildlife on your ATV tour, look no further than the Callaghan Valley Tour. You will travel through the Olympic Highway where you are most likely to spot bears and other wildlife! In addition to exploring the historical mine site and old growth forests, you will make a stop to see the break taking 140-foot Alexander Falls. 

Riders who went on this tour enjoyed high speeding through puddles and rough terrain. One popular note about this tour was that guides were very perceptive of rider experience and altered the trail to be fitting enough to get the full riding effect despite a less advanced trail. 

Why go on this tour?  

  • Phenomenal scenery and beautiful geographical setting are the perfect backdrop to an outdoor adventure.
  • Explore 1,000-year-old tree forests, a historic gold mine site, and catch a glimpse of a stunning waterfall. 
  • Mindful tour guides will guide you safely and confidently through the 4 km of natural, rugged terrain regardless of riding level.

Salmon Bake Tour

The Salmon Bake Tour has a reputation for being Whistler’s best adventure dining tour. That’s right, you get to ride and eat in style. During this tour, you climb up to 6,000 feet on Blackcomb Mountain with your ATV to the Horstman Glacier. You will arrive to the Crystal Hut that features live entertainment as your chef prepares maple-glazed wild British Columbia salmon, local vegetables, and a delicious dessert! 

People who went on this trip had nothing but amazing things to say about their experience. This 5-star rated tour boasts “unmatched views” and a delicious dinner to boot. 

Why go on this tour?  

  • Go to new heights on the Blackcomb Mountain and view the Horstman Glacier.
  • Reward yourself with an authentic Pacific Coast meal prepared by an award-winning chef.  

Wild West Tour

The Wild West Tour can be thought of as a step above the Callaghan Valley Tour. It is a much more challenging terrain through Callaghan Valley, along Whistler’s longest single-track ATV trail. In this trail, you will even encounter a challenging staircase and narrow bridges to really test your abilities. 

Why go on this tour?  

  • If you are a more experienced rider, you will appreciate the challenges that accompany this trail. 
  • Different elements such as the staircases and bridges are sure to spice up your experience on the trail!
  • You still get to see the gorgeous Callaghan Valley on this tour.

How much do ATV tours cost? 

An ATV is the ultimate vehicle to explore the backcountry and take in the sights of Whistler. There are many options when it comes to renting an ATV with the 2- and 3-seater options being the most popular amongst larger groups.

In Whistler, a typical ATV rental will run you around $100 per person to ride, to $600 for a 4-person ride. These rates are hourly-based, and typically include a shuttle or transportation service to the starting point of the trail. Keep in mind that if you are new to ATVing, training time will also be involved. 

How difficult is riding an ATV? 

Riding an ATV in a natural, rugged, and challenging terrain can be a fun and exciting adventure. ATVs are powerful vehicles, and it is important that you are trained on how to ride them properly. At first, it may be difficult for beginners to get a handle on an ATV, but many people have stated that it gets easier the more often you do it.

Most, if not all, ATV rental and tour companies will train you on the safety specifications for riding an ATV. It is recommended that you refrain from performing any tricks or stunts as these can be dangerous. Accidents may also incur a collision fee. 

If you would like to learn how to ride an ATV prior to a tour, select an open space to do so. Focus on maneuvering, shifting gears, and accelerating in the terrain. 

ATVs Whistler Conclusion:

Whether you are on vacation or an avid ATV rider, there are numerous off-road trails to take advantage of in Whistler. In addition to ATV trails, you can also look forward to hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling in Whistler, BC. 

If you don’t have an ATV, there are plenty of rental and tour companies in the area to help tourists have the ultimate riding experience! 

The beautiful mountains of Blackcomb and rugged trails of Callaghan Valley await you. Plan your visit now to Whistler!