Snowmobiling in Whistler: Best Places, Rentals, & More!

Treat your family and friends to the adventure with a snowmobile tour in Whistler, British Columbia. There is nothing like the thrilling sensation of riding a snowmobile while you enjoy the breath-taking views of mountain range peaks and village lights. 

Whistler is the perfect town for safe and exciting snowmobiling. You will have access to the town’s forested land, lakes, and glaciers. It is nothing but scenic views and terrains to accompany your adventurous ride. 

Keep reading to find out all there is to know about snowmobiling in Whistler such as where to go, what to rent, and what tours to embark on! 


Where can I Snowmobile in Whistler? 

Whistler offers a spectacular landscape of gorgeous mountains to fuel your adrenaline-filled adventure. There are easy-cruising trails, fresh tracks, and massive glaciers that make for the ultimate snow playground for novice and avid snowmobilers alike. If you are snowmobiling in Whistler, you can not miss out on these top spots:

Rutherford Creek

Rutherford Creek is by far one of the most popular destinations for snowmobiling in Whistler. You can access it through the Rutherford Creek Trail. Snowmobilers can look forward to 23 kilometres of well-groomed pathways stretching over the Appa Glacier. There are many ice valleys, caves, and crevices to explore! 

To get to Rutherford Creek you can take Highway 99 as it is located 10 km south-west of Pemberton.

Brandywine Valley

With its steep cliffs and lots of trees, Brandywine valley is popular for snowmobilers who want to level up their skills. Alpine bowls, subalpine trees, and glaciers sprinkled throughout the trail are an adventurous excursion for those who dare to give them a chance. 

To reach Brandywine Valley you can take Highway 99 and turn towards Callaghan Valley Road.


What are the Best Snowmobiling Rentals in Whistler?

Even if you are new to Whistler, there are plenty of snowmobile rentals to take advantage of. Keep reading to see the best vehicles Rutherford Creek and Brandywine Valley have to offer:

1. 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Axys Pro

The 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Axys Pro is said to be the most agile mountain sled over made. It is designed for all riding zones, contributing to a lively and dynamic backcountry experience that is sure to enhance your ride. If you are feeling rebellious, try out the powerful performance in jumping mode!

Why choose this snowmobile? 

      • Rider balanced control for precise, effortless sidehilling.

      • WER Velocity Hi-Lo for immediate response in various mountain conditions.

      • Light and rigid rear suspension improves weight transfer for more control and power in the snow.

    2. 600cc Summit Gen 4

    Also known as the Ski Doo 600 Summit, this snowmobile is the perfect vehicle for building your riding skills in the mountains. Most snowmobiles often have too much power to handle, but the Summit Gen 4 is light and agile that makes it more manageable. In comparison to other vehicles, the Summit Gen 4 helps a new rider master throttle control than an equally inexperienced rider on another machine! This way, you can focus on fun. 

    Why choose this snowmobile? 

        • Perfect to handle quick turns.

        • Maximum agility that will inspire confidence in novice riders.

        • Provides an effortless, fun ride. 

      3. Ski Doo 2018 FreeRide 850

      The Ski Doo 2018 FreeRide 850 is built for riders who live by the motto, “Go big or go home”. This deep-snow mobile has an attitude built for big drops and taking on the most intense terrains! If you’re looking to make a statement on the trails, this snowmobile is the way to go. Even if you don’t plan to climb the maximum 8,000 feet (2.4 km), it’s nice to know you have the option. 

      Why choose this snowmobile? 

          • While it is attractive for the most intense terrains, this snowmobile is suited for everything in between.

          • The versatile sled makes this snowmobile comfortable for even the bumpiest territories.

          • The highly responsive and powerful engine will equip you with the ability to cut through snow with ease. 

        4. Ski Doo Summit 850 E-Tec

        The Ski Doo Summit 850 E-Tec’s power Will be best felt at the altitude of 8,000 feet. While you might not be planning to climb such great heights, a variety of riders will appreciate the power of this snowmobile. It is said to ride “sewing-machine smooth” and is one the best-balanced machines on the market.  

        Why choose this snowmobile? 

            • Powerful engine and lightweight hood make it ideal for heavier riders.

            • No lag and short intake allow for quick speeds. 

            • Simplicity and rider peace-of-mind were at the core of the design strategy. 

            • Ideal for deep powder days. 

          As always, safety is of the utmost importance when engaging in high-powered outdoor activities. Snowmobile rentals come with a helmet, avalanche gear, and a full tank of oil and gas. Some rentals do not offer an insurance policy on the snowmobiles, so be sure to double check with the company!


          What are the Best Whistler Snowmobile Tours? 

          This winter, hop onto a snowmobile to explore the beautiful backcountry of Whistler. Whether you are new to snowmobiling or can tame the terrain, there are a variety of tours to take advantage of. Here are our choices for the best ones: 

          1. Family Tour

          Choose the family tour if you are considering embarking on a journey with large groups – with or without children. The terrain is easy for beginners and the scenic, groomed backcountry trails will be enjoyed by everyone.

          The Family Tour is the most comfortable snowmobiling experience in Whistler. In this 2.5 hour, small-group tour, riders will explore the old-growth forests and vast trails of Cougar Mountain through Whistler Village and Blackcomb.

          Tour Perks: 

              • Hot drinks and snacks provided by the tour. 

              • Enjoy a relaxing lunch at the backcountry cabin. 

              • Mini snowmobiles are available for solo riders.

              • Children ride free with adult riders.

            Scenic Tour

            If you are a first-time rider, the Scenic Tour is the perfect introduction to snowmobiling. This tour offers a slower pace for learners whilst enjoying the gorgeous views! Trails are groomed for your ease and wide enough to ride alongside a companion.

            This tour is also ideal for anyone who wants to get a more intimate view of Whistler. Take your time on this tour and even take advantage of photo opportunities! 

            Tour Perks: 

                • Hot drinks and snacks provided by the tour.

                • Leisure pace encourages novice riders. 

                • Ultimate opportunity to sight-see and get pictures taken at major sights. 

              3. Wilderness Tour

              In the Wilderness Tour, you will be snowmobiling through the windy trails of Brandywine Valley and Callaghan.

              With the opportunity to experience the more thrilling terrain of Whistler, this tour can be an exciting adventure for everyone! There is no wonder it is the most popular snowmobiling tour in Whistler.

              Tour Perks: 

                  • Hot drinks and snacks provided by the tour.

                  • Suitable for all riders, beginner to pro.

                  • Enjoy a relaxing lunch at the backcountry cabin. 

                  • Wide coverage of the area will give you the best view of Whistler.

                4. Yukon Breakfast Tour

                Early birds should take advantage of the Yukon Breakfast Tour. After carving through the remote backcountry of Callaghan Valley, they will be rewarded with a full Canadian Yukon breakfast at the rustic cabin on Sproatt Mountain! 

                Tour Perks: 

                    • Early morning ride will provide a unique, sunrise view of Whistler.

                    • Enjoy a hard-earned breakfast at a rustic cabin.

                  5. Sproatt Steak Night Tour

                  Another unique snowmobiling tour experience is the Sproatt Steak Night Tour. If you’re not into getting up at the crack of dawn, this calm snowmobile ride by dusk is for you.

                  At Sproatt Mountain, you will be greeted with a 3 course Canadian steak dinner.

                  Tour Perks:

                      • Private groups can take advantage of this for an intimate riding experience. 

                      • This calming ride is the ideal way to end the night. 

                      • Enjoy a 3 course steak dinner at a rustic cabin.


                    How Much Do Snowmobile Rentals Cost?

                    The average cost of a snowmobile rental in Whistler ranges from $60-110 per hour. A snowmobile rental for an entire day can cost anywhere around $180-380. There are several factors that impact snowmobile rental costs such as: 

                        • Duration of rental

                        • Location of rental

                        • Features and type of sled

                        • Solo rental vs. guided tour

                        • Additional accessories, fees, taxes, and insurance

                      When renting a snowmobile, be sure to request all costs upfront so there are no surprises. Sometimes, companies will charge optional fees without asking. Review all charges on your contract and ensure all are necessary.


                      How Difficult is Snowmobiling? 

                      Snowmobiles are powerful vehicles that provide a thrilling ride. If you are visiting Whistler, you simply must try a snowmobile trail. New riders might be wondering – is it difficult to ride a snowmobile? 

                      The truth is, maneuvering such a strong vehicle may be hard at first. However, with practice comes comfort. With a variety of beginner tours available, there are plenty of opportunities for novices to learn at their own pace. Some of the biggest obstacles for new riders including steering and controlling speed. 


                      Snowmobiling Whistler – Turning off the engine:

                      Are you dreaming of exploring the beautiful sights of Whistler? Why not take in the views on a snowmobile? Panoramic views and awe-inspiring mountains await to be trailed and climbed in your adventurous vehicle! Don’t hesitate to book a snowmobile tour in Whistler today.