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Moving to Whistler

I was 29 when I first moved to Whistler. I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, about as far as you can possibly get from Whistler while still in North America, when I decided to pursue the mountains and west coast. I wanted to dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean and then drive all the way across Canada and jump into the Pacific.

Moving to Whistler and leaving my job at the Westin in Halifax behind me.

I kept hearing about this place that was awesome for winter sports yet what intrigued me the most was that the winters were mild in Vancouver and the Whistler area. I was sick and tired of freezing my balls off in Halifax each winter.

I was always disappointed when snowboarding in Nova Scotia as I would be to the bottom of a run in about 45 seconds. All they had were little mole hills to carve. I could barely get 5 or 6 good turns in and one or two pops and boom, I was back at the bottom again.

I craved more. I kept hearing about this 7 mile long run at Whistler. I wanted to do that! I was moving to Whistler!

I decided to officially take off and move to Whistler once I secured employment. I lucked out big time. I was working as a bellman at the Westin in Halifax and saw a job posting online for In Room Dining and Bellman at the Westin Resort and Spa Whistler. I forwarded them my resume and they hired me from all the way across the country. I knew all the four star standards and performed well in my role. I had good references from my managers. I was an expert at customer service.

Moving to Whistler to work at the Westin

Finding a good job in Whistler is tough. Moving to Whistler is tough. I felt truly lucky to have a job waiting for me. My new job even had staff accommodation waiting for my arrival. I didnt know what to expect but at least I knew I would be able to rest my head and put my stuff in a closet when I arrived.

I filled my car, a little Honda Civic, with beef jerky and all kinds of snacks. I added a small amount of clothes, my laptops and filled up a massive travel mug with the strongest coffee I could find. I was ready to go for it!

I kissed and hugged everyone I knew in Nova Scotia, said goodbye and floored it! I was finally moving to Whistler…to be continued… 🙂 Subscribe to our newsletter in the right sidebar to be notified of new posts.

Moving to Whistler
Article Name
Moving to Whistler
A story of my life when I decided to head west to Whistler from Nova Scotia.