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Forrest Riesco Closes Down the Whistler Bike Park 2016 Incredible Mountain Biking

Race Face made this cool video of Forrest Riesco closing down the Whistler Bike Park in Whistler Canada for 2016.
It appears that he was the last rider down for the year. The footage in the video is supreme and very high quality.

If you’re considering a trip to Whistler next season (2017) for mountain biking then watch this video of what its like in the Whistler Bike Park. The bike park contains hundreds of miles of these trails all downhill and made by bikers for bikers.

Don’t worry, Forrest is an expert and these are expert trails. There are blue runs and green runs for those who cant yet defy gravity and swim thru trees while going down a mountain at throttle speed. Keep practicing. You’ll get there.

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