Bungee Jump at Whistler


bungee“I was extremely nervous to take my first bungee jump. After I finally took the plunge and felt how amazing bungee jumping is I wanted to do it every single day for breakfast! I thought, for sure, that bungee jumping would jerk my body all about and be traumatic. I was DEAD WRONG.”

“Bungee jumping was exhilarating and smooth and totally awesome eh!”

“The rush I felt as I leaped off the bridge was amazing. My whole world sped up as I plunged toward the river at an ever increasing speed. My stomach went off! It felt so good! Then at the bottom of the initial jump everything slowed down like a movie being placed into slow motion.

The next thing I knew ( I could barely feel the transition of down to up) I was headed towards the sky feet first! This is where my smile set in. I knew I was safe and this was like bouncing on a bed times one million. I closed my eyes in bliss and drove my feet toward the stars rising nearly all the way back up to the bungee bridge. I then bounced up and down several times before coming to a soft swing just hanging about. As the Whistler Bungee team started the winch to pull me back up my friends were all shouting from the bridge at me and cheering. It truly was one of the best days of my whole life. It cost a little over a hundred bucks and included a t-shirt.” – Johnny Utah

Take a 160 foot plunge off of Whistler Bungee`s bridge over the beautiful glacial fed Cheakamus river. Bungee jumping is a great once in a lifetime adrenaline rush and makes a fantastic group adventure.
We can hook you up with a bungee jump for your family or group.

Head on over to the Whistler bungee jump page and contact us.

Featured Bungee Jump Video: Bungee Jumping in Whistler British Columbia Canada

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