Best Places to Eat in Whistler, BC

Are you looking for great places to eat in Whistler? Well, you have come to the right place. The outdoors of Whistler can really build up an appetite. Here is the ultimate guide to the town’s best restaurants.

Whether you are looking to dine-in or go alfresco, these restaurants are sure to satisfy any and every craving you might have. 

Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar

No restaurant guide to Whistler is complete without including Araxi. This is a go-to restaurant to celebrate good times with friends or enjoy a nice meal for two in its swanky atmosphere. Said to be the best of anything around, it is the culinary cornerstone in the heart of Whistler Village. 

The antique décor and original artwork lend to the upscale dining experience at Araxi. Diners can expect fresh, innovative Pacific Northwest cuisine. Known for their oyster specials, Araxi also offers an impressive seafood tower, arctic char, and duck breast. 

The bar boasts an 11,000-bottle cellar and extensive 27-page wine menu. With a heady mix of specialty cocktails and drinks by the glass or bottles, this is the ultimate spot for liquor connoisseurs and amateur mixologists alike. In the summer, visitors can take part in Araxi’s Longtable Series that presents a spectacular alfresco dining experience. As elegant as it is unique, this farm-to-table party features gorgeous, seasonal food with crip wine pairings with an exquisite view to boot!

What to eat: 

  • Duck breast
  • Chocolate fondant
  • Black forest cake
  • Arctic char
  • Beet salad

Alta Bistro Whistler

Alta Bistro Whistler is a locally owned and operated Canadian bistro with options galore. While its façade is plain and whitewashed, inside is a genius of a restaurant that features innovative, gourmet food with traditional French roots. To maintain that local status, Alta’s menu is always created with local produce so you can guarantee it will always be fresh!

Alta is a hidden gem, tucked away in a quiet street in the heart of Whistler. If you are looking for a more intimate dining experience, Alta will gladly pull you away from the madding crowd and greet you with an artisanal cedar bar. Along with exquisite wines, endless rows of homemade pickles and preserves are on display.

One of the most impressive things offerings from the bistro is the cocktail program created by Scott Curry. He creates his bitters and syrups in-house to accompany moreish sweets that have locals licking their fingers. Pop by the bistro for a customized cake for birthdays and special occasions – or just because!

What to eat: 

  • Elk tartare
  • Foie gras parfait
  • Pumpkin chili soup
  • Pork cheeks, belly
  • Arctic char

The Rimrock Café 

Although off the beaten path to Creekside, The Rimrock Café is another top restaurant in Whistler known for its intimate setting and fancy meals. Despite the pomp on the plate, the café is easy-going with a casual ambiance and friendly waiting staff. In the summer, dine in the open-air. In the winter, cozy up by the fireplace with wooden tables.

If you can’t decide whether you want meat or seafood, Rimrock Café has the best specials to combine the two so you can avoid making those hard decisions. You might not have thought to pair a large scallop with a pork belly, but it’s an option here and you will not be disappointed. 

It is no wonder that this spot is always booked to the brim with its unique, vast menu. Walk-ins are taking a risk by missing out on some fantastic cuisine. Skip the queue and be sure to book a reservation ahead of your visit to secure your spot!

What to eat: 

  • Sticky toffee
  • Lobster bisque
  • Lobster mash
  • Seafood trio
  • Foie gras

Bearfoot Bistro

Bearfoot Bistro founder André Saint-Jacques aimed to create a restaurant as beautiful as the food being served and the people dining there! Determined to treat every outing as a celebration, Mr. Saint-Jacques has staffed the bistro with the best of the best, from a dedicated oyster-shucker to renowned sommeliers and bar staff. To heighten the dining experience even more, Bearfoot Bistro also has a live music program to accompany the ultimate dining experience, be it après-ski, dinner, or late-night dancing.

The menu at Bearfoot Bistro follows the seasons in both bounty and color. Putting forth familiar flavors with new techniques, chef Melissa Craig puts an international twist on the local ingredients at the center of the restaurant from an open kitchen. Diners can look forward to some of the best seafood and game found in British Columbia including Wagyu beef, Perigord truffles, and Berkshire pork. You are sure to experience the best of each dish with the help of the wine director and sommeliers ready to suggest the perfect pairing. Top off the meal with a signature dessert such as petit fours or nitrogen ice cream prepared tableside!

The extravagance of the food is matched by the décor featuring an ice-walled Belvedere room. Vegas-like rakishness is expected here with a 20,000-bottle wine cellar with wrought iron and leather chairs to match. You simply cannot go here without engaging in their Ice Room tasting to try a selection of over 50 vodkas and mixed drinks. While the liquor will keep you warm, the restaurant also provides arctic-ready parkas for your convenience! 

What to eat: 

  • Chili-glazed pork belly
  • Reserve angus beef tenderloin
  • Black cod
  • Atlantic lobster
  • Lamb T-bone with tabbouleh-style quinoa


Wildflower is a boutique restaurant at the Fairmont Chateau accompanied by stunning views. Open through breakfast and dinner, its exhaustive menu offers authentic local food in a gorgeous, rustic setting. All the dishes are curated around continental cuisine. 

When you walk in, you will be greeted by a breathtaking lobby decorated in floral arrangements. The soaring ceiling and open beams contribute to the warm lighting, despite the grand appearance. The design and ambiance are the perfect combination to merge the bucolic charm with a cozy mountain retreat. 

The alpine breakfast menu is a must-try at the Wildflower. Notable menu items include the French toast, smoked fish with toppings, and the eggs benedict. If you are headed here for lunch or dinner, be sure to peek at the wine list containing a gamut of regional selections available by the glass including Quail’s Gate, Mission Hill, and Cedar Creek. Those not in the mood for wine can benefit from the extensive 

What to eat: 

  • Oyster appetizer
  • 10 oz Striploin 
  • Milk chocolate caramel “Rocher” 
  • Seafood chowder
  • Bergamot Posset


If you are in search of fine Italian dining, Vancouverites far and wide will recommend Quattro as the number on spot. This Venetian-style eatery dons ornate ironwork, artistic tiles, and hand-painted chandeliers. The rococo design exudes warm rustic vibes that are inviting après-ski. Many people have attributed Quattro’s service and food to that of Michelin star establishments!  

Quattro is the ideal location for groups with an appetite. Indulge in the eclectic flavors of L’Abbuffata, a four-course Roman feast served family-style. Other notable dishes include spaghetti pescatore, a five-pasta plate, and pressed Cornish game hen. You will not struggle to find a wine pairing as there are over 900 wine varieties to choose from with an additional grappa collection. 

What to eat: 

  • Mushroom risotto
  • Beef tenderloin
  • Scallops 
  • Spaghetti Quatro
  • Eggplant spread

Crepe Montagne

Nothing beats delicious crepes crafted in the class French style. Crepe Montague has every kind of crepe you are looking for on its menu! Notable flavors include jam, lemon, maple, banana, and praline! If this isn’t enough for you, you can also create your own by adding ice cream, whipped cream, or crème anglaise. 

While the menu is grand, Crepe Montagne is ticked away in a small corner mall of the main square of the town. In accordance with the breakfast rush, it is not unusual for this spot to get cramped during the primetime until after 8 PM! Most diners will tell you it is worth the wait. 

In addition to scrumptious crepes, Crepe Montagne also serves typical main course breakfast items such as eggs benedict, raclettes, and cheese fondues, as well as dinner items such as scallops. 

What to eat: 

  • Black cod
  • Spicy tuna rolls
  • Kamo nabe
  • Whistler nabe
  • Crab California rolls 

Sidecut Steakhouse

Sidecut Steakhouse is the ultimate summer destination with its open-air concept and fireplaces dotting the patio. Perched high above beautiful vistas, Sidecut Steakhouse toasts a romantic setting. 

The alfresco eater is famed for its fancy surf and turf dishes. Regional meats such as rib-eye steak are equally as popular, cooked on an 1800-degree infrared grill. These hearty dishes are accompanied by succulent, crunchy vegetables and garnished with regional herbs.

Sidecut also boasts a filling breakfast menu with premium presentation that makes the Four Seasons restaurant worth the hype.

What to eat: 

  • Boys Don’t Cry (Drink)
  • The Radler (Drink)
  • Short rib flatbread
  • Cure burger
  • Tuna poke bowl

The Red Door Bistro

The Red Door Bistro is a fantastic spot to relax while you tuck into one of the rich, comforting dishes of Chef RD Stewart. Lovely artwork from local artists adorns the walls that contribute to an authentic, homey feel. Perfect to satisfy that post-ski hunger, diners can look forward to generous portions of local produce, meat, and fish that represents the tastes of British Columbia inspired by French cuisine. With plenty of meat and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. Be sure not to fill up and save room for their decadent in-house made desserts such as the peanut butter bombe. 

Boasting friendly, warm service and delicious food, it’s best that visitors of the Red Door Bistro should make a reservation to get the most out of the experience. When the weather permits, the patio is a great area to enjoy the food! 

What to eat: 

  • Duck confit spring rolls
  • Short ribbed braised chuck flats
  • Crab cakes
  • Veal porterhouse
  • Peanut butter bombe


Whether you are looking for a relaxing family environment or an upscale dining experience, Whistler has it all! This guide has all the cuisine that you might be in the mood for from breakfast to dinner, and light bites.

Be sure to try at least one of these adventurous restaurants whilst in Whistler, or simply make a trip out here for the food! It will surely be worth it.

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