7 Best Spas in Whistler, BC

When thinking of Whistler, one typically imagines energy-packed adventures that include skiing, hiking, ATVing or snowmobiling. While this town boasts a thrilling and exciting vibe, tourists and locals alike seek respite from time to time. Whistler is the perfect picture of harmony with its tranquil scenery and picturesque valleys. If the views aren’t relaxing enough, there are several spas in Whistler that reflect the peace and tranquility of the own. 

Are you looking to unwind? Check out our recommended spots for ultimate rest and relaxation. 


Scandinave Spa Whistler

Scandinave Spa Whistler allows visitors to indulge in the ultimate apres-ski experience with walk-in baths, massages, and un-plugged, electronics-free environment. This outdoor spa is in a forest of spruce, overlooking Mount Sproatt. In the heart of nature, you can enjoy Scandinavian baths that cleanse the body and the soul. This eco-friendly spa also employs environmentally sustainable practices.

Scandinave’s hydrotherapy aims to cleanse the skin, improve blood circulation, and physical conditioning through a heightened wellness and intense relaxation treatment. Whether you are looking to enjoy a hot steam or cool off in a refreshing bath, the spa has something for everyone from a wood burning sauna to cold baths from the Nordic thermal waterfalls. Why not both? At Scandinave, the spa swears by the ancient traditional technique of alternating hot and cold water to relieve stress and heal body pains. 

There are several massage options to choose from to unlock ultimate relaxation and realign deep tissues such as the Swedish massage or the Thai Yoga massage. Couples can take advantage of the Scandinave Spa duo massage and spa package to release tension together! 

After your treatments, relax in the hammocks, or on the terrace cozied up to the outdoor fireplaces. You’re sure to leave rested and restored. 

Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


      • Eucalyptus steam bath

      • Finnish sauna

      • Nordic waterfalls 

      • Deep tissue massage

      • Swedish massage


    Spa at Four Seasons Resort Whistler

    The Four Seasons Spa is said to be one of the most luxurious experiences one can have – in Whistler and otherwise. Being one of the largest retreats in town, there is no shortage of treatments to indulge in that reflect all that Whistler has to offer. British Columbia glacial clays, algae, river rocks, and seaweeds are locally sourced and thoughtfully incorporated into the spa’s wellness regime. 

    While the Scandinave spa is all about Nordic traditions, the Four Seasons takes a more blended approach by incorporating Swedish relaxation, eastern reflexology, and Asian techniques such as Shiatsu and Reiki.

    The Four Seasons is set to meet all your needs with their trained staff to rejuvenate you from the inside and out. Indulge in an aromatic scrub made of Canadian maple syrup and brown sugar, or kick back and relax with a peppermint-infused foot massage! 

    Those looking to get an esthetic touch-up can look forward to getting a full body massage with organic butter and an Argan oil hair treatment. The spa’s trained estheticians are also ready to renew your skin and nails. Their “Peak to Feet” experience is not one to miss: an 80-minute massage, followed by a 20-minute Argan oil scalp massage, finished by a 20-minute foot massage – this must be what heaven feels like!

    Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


        • Peak to Feet Experience 

        • Four Seasons Whistler Signature Treatment

        • Sea to Sky Massage

        • Alpine manicure and pedicure

        • Personalized natural facial


      Vida Spa, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

      Vida Spa at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is a spacious location adorned with handcrafted cedar steam cabinets, a manicure and pedicure lounge, and lovely couples’ suites. The spa’s foundation in Ayurvedic treatments is what truly sets them apart. Guests can revive their energy and well-being by engaging in the 5,000-year-old system of holistic Indian medicine. 

      Vida offers traditional therapies such as facials and massages, in addition to more unique therapist based on Ancient Thai and Shiatsu practices. Their signature Ayurvedic treatments include the Swedana, Shirodhara, and Ayurvedic facial. These Ayurvedic treatments are complemented by soothing body oils, aromatic herbs, and a customized plan based on your “dosha” (personality and physical attributes). Here, you will leave with your skin glowing and your mind at peace.

      The spa provides an unparalleled experience by constantly adding new treatments. Their latest additions include massages of the Swedish variety for immune building, muscle easing, and detoxifying. Vida seems to have a treatment – and seemingly a cure – for any and body ailment!

      In addition to the spa, guests have access to the hotel’s health club that includes the indoor and outdoor jacuzzi and pools, the steam room, fitness room, and changing facilities. You could truly spend an entire day here! 

      Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


          • Botanical Aromatherapy Massage

          • Mindful Massage

          • Power Eye Treatment

          • Oxygenating Facial

          • Ayurvedic Massage


        Eco Chic Spa

        As the name implies, Eco Chic Spa specializes in Earth and health-friendly spa treatments. Here you can treat yourself to a peaceful retreat and pampering after a long day in Whistler. Nature-lovers and environmentalists will love the spa for their conscious efforts to sustaining the planet through using organic, fair-trade products that are kind to both the Earth and their skin. 

        Eco Chic Spa offers the basic Swedish and deep tissue massages, but there are also special massage treatments designed for pregnant women that are hard to find elsewhere. Another unique offering is the center’s lava shell massage that applies natural mineral energy to both energize and relax the muscles. 

        The spa also takes pride in their command of aromatherapy with thoughtful oil blends to help you unwind, infuse happy thoughts, and release stress. Other pampering services include lash lift and tints, as well as eyebrow shaping. 

        Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


            • Cocoa butter body wrap

            • Manicure and lash lift

            • Pedicure

            • Deep tissue massage

            • Reflexology


          Avello Spa at The Westin Resort & Spa Hotel

          Avello Spa offers a complete menu of treatment and services ranging from a relaxing sports massage to their signature Avello pedicure with a full day of pampering to boot. With over 70 different treatments and specially curated services, there is a treatment available for anyone’s needs conveniently located in the heart of Whistler. While you are waiting for your therapist, you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea in their darling sitting room.

          The Thai Herbal Stem Massage is one of the premiere massages at the spa. Your body will be wrapped and soothed with an unbleached cotton cloth infused with a blend of traditional herbs and oils. Afterwards, the herb cloth will be bundled and steamed to enhance their healing properties and absorb into the skin. This treatment is ideal for relaxation and soothing those soaring body paints. Avello Spa also offers traditional ancient treatments like Reiki and Shiatsu.

          If you are looking for a total body transformation, there are a variety of other treatments dedicated to the face, hands, and feet. Guests can look forward to services such as waxing, tinting, tanning, and hairstyling on the spa menu. Other notable services include private couples retreats and dedicated staff for prenatal services.

          Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


              • Thai herbal stem massage

              • 80-minute collagen facial

              • Milk bath

              • Deep tissue massage

              • Sports massage


            The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

            The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge is located on a tranquil lakeside that makes it a retreat from everyday life. Indulge in the transcendent wellness you have been craving the harmony of nature. Enjoy beautiful views while pampering yourself with a variety of traditional and naturopathic treatments and services. 

            The spa offers a long list of traditional treatments that involve hot stones, herbal body wraps, and wonderfully aromatic scrubs. If you are looking for cleansing and healing from the inside out, it will be worth choosing from their naturopathic services including acupuncture, intramuscular injections, and intravenous vitamin therapy. This distinguishable approach by Nita Lake Lodge is what makes it a one-of-a-kind spa in Whistler!  

            End your day with a dip in a serene, peaceful rooftop hot tub facing the mountains or the relaxation lounge. Guests have even cited an enjoyable experience watching the snow fall while relaxing in the hot tub! There is no shortage of eucalyptus steam rooms to relax in. This spa offers the perfect mix between urban vibes and ancient traditions. 

            Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


                • Prenatal massage

                • 90-minute deep tissue massage

                • Salt foot scrub

                • Hot stone massage

                • Kundalini massage


              Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

              At the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, you can rest assured that you will be treated like a member of the royal family. Owner BRA Moortyai Soedibyo is an actual member of the Javanese royal family and her upbringing surrounded by beauty experts and spa services makes her quite the expert on traditional jamu and herbal-medicine techniques. 

              Located in the Summit Lodge on the main street of Whistler, The Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa is the only authentic Royal Javanese spa in North America. All their therapists have been trained in Indonesia where upon graduation, they are skilled in performing exotic treatments such as lulur body scrubs, volcano body wraps, and Balinese massages. This spa bridges the gap between the glacial town of Whistler and the royal households of Indonesia for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

              Indonesia’s ancient beauty notions are rooted in the belief that beauty comes from within when the balance between mind and body is achieved. Thus, their treatments reflect this believe as the Javanese spa is designed to relax you from the inside-out. Must-try body treatments include the Javanese Deep & Firm Massage and Parameswara Queen Massage that are sure to leave you feeling like royalty. 

              After your treatment, you can relax in the dry sauna or whirlpool tub while sipping loose-leaf tea from over 50 regions around the world. Even when you leave the spa, you can take home holistic jamu products to naturally soothe minor maladies. 

              Relaxing & Indulgent Recommendations:


                  • Javanese lulur

                  • Javanese deep and firm signature massage

                  • Prameswari massage

                  • Coconut hair treatment package

                  • Balinese massage


                Conclusion – Whistler Best Spas

                There’s just as much adventure as there is relaxation in Whistler so whether you’re looking to engage in a fast-paced, outdoor adventure or admire the scenes from your soothing hot tub, Whistler has it all. In fact, you don’t have to choose when there are so many wonderful apres-ski options in the area.

                Come to the relaxing spas of Whistler for ultimate relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation. It will be hard to leave!