Whistler Wildlife young black bear in whistler canada standing by the side of the road posing for a photo

Wildlife in Whistler is plentiful and truly remarkable! Bears, eagles, coyotes, marmots and birds of all colors are always just behind the bushes and in the trees. Sea to Sky country is wildlife country.

Bear Viewing Guidelines

Seeing bears in their natural habitat is an exciting and memorable experience for visitors to Whistler. It is however important to ensure the experience does not disturb bears while they are eating, mating or rearing their young. Done right, encountering bears during a visitor’s vacation can provide teaching moments to engender an ethic of respect and appreciation for bears, other wildlife and the natural environment... read entire document PDF

Bear Smart Whistler Visitor's Guide: Keeping People Safe and Bears Wild in Whistler

The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) is leading the way toward a future where bears and people can coexist in and around our communities and in the backcountry. An award-winning organization, GBS has been recognized in both Canada and the U.S. for its efforts to manage and eliminate human-bear conflicts. www.bearsmart.com

Baby Bear Cubs Play in Whistler, BC